Client's Remarks

"Linda's counselling expertise has helped me come to terms and move on from a very painful experience. Her christian faith shines through and underpins her guidance. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who is thinking of having counselling at this time". (A female client)


"I think your counselling is good and helpful. It helps me get my anger out and when I am upset you are there for me. Thank you for being there for me. I think your counselling is excellent". (A 28 year old mum of two)


"I have been a client of Linda Savage for two and half years now. I have had many issues to deal with and Linda has really blessed my life. She is so full of love and never judges you. Being a Christian is sometimes a very hard road and I always felt that I was not always doing Godís will. Linda has taught me a new way that God is full of love and grace. I have suffered with depression for may years and after having my second child I got post-natel depression, there were many times I felt I could not go on any longer and bringing up two children on my own was really hard throughout. Linda helped me through all of this. I see her once a week and can tell her everything and know I am not being judged and that her counselling and wisdom is always sound. I knew that once I have seen Linda I will feel so much better. Another thing why I feel so in tune with Linda is because a lot that I have been through Linda has experienced herself and I find it easier to relate to her knowing that she has come out the other end. This I feel is encouraging to know that she is on my wave length. Linda has also helped me with relationship issues and bereavement. I have such love and respect for Linda and really feel blessed for having her in my life. God bless Linda and her counselling ministry". (Single mother of two)


"It was good to have someone to talk to who I knew was trained in listening and counselling.  Just nice to be listened to, especially in the real crisis moments. The whole 'let me speak and see what arises' and the 'counsellor just asks questions' was on the whole good, even if at times I just wanted you to say 'this is what you need to do'. I don't know exactly how I got back into a more sound place. It just seemed to 'happen'....I'd certainly recommend you to others and appreciate the help you've been to me..." A single, 34 year old white male who came for counselling after being diagnosed with depression. Finished counselling 6 October 2005
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