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The counselling process


How you may be feeling

It is normal to feel unsure and nervous about entering into counselling/therapy. The counsellors fully understand how you may be feeling. It is a big step to make and is not a small thing when you are enquiring, booking, or coming for your first appointment. The counsellor/s will be waiting to welcome you and will do all they can to help you feel safe and comfortable.


We offer Individual counselling sessions, couple sessions and family sessions. We can discuss with you the appropriate session for your situation.


The Counselling Approach

The counsellors use a Person-Centred, Non-Directive, Integrative, Creative approach. They are happy to explain about this approach or answer any questions you may have. The counsellors are fully trained, professional, are in regular professional supervision and adhere to the code of ethics of the ACC and BACP. [Copies are available] At all times you will be treated in a non-judgemental way with genuine unconditional positive regard, warmth and empathy.  


The First Appointment

Your first appointment is usually for one hour and is called an initial session. During this session you will have a time to talk about your problem/s and concerns and why you would like counselling and what you hope to achieve from it. The counsellor may ask you to fill in a questionnaire and ask relevant questions about:

  • Your present home life, including family and work.
  • Your childhood, including the relationship with different family members.
  • Your schooling, education and employment history.
  • Your health and sexual development. 
  • Your spiritual journey.

You will be required to enter into and sign a counselling contract, you will have a chance to read this and ask any questions before you sign. If both counsellor and client are happy to proceed a regular time will be arranged and your counselling sessions will then continue for as long as you and the counsellor feel this is beneficial. The counsellor or client can terminate the contract at any time, if appropriate, in writing. 


Confidentiality is a very important part of the counselling service and counselling relationship. All sessions are confidential and your information and identity will not be divulged except for the exceptions that are discussed before you sign the contract. You will be given a code or pseudonym and this is used at all times to protect your identity.

Counselling contracts, notes, tapes or other material relating to your counselling is kept in a secure location.  


Time keeping

It is important to arrive at the correct time of your appointment. If you arrive early it is not always possible to be seen early and there is not a waiting room available.

If you are late your finishing time will be the same as if you were on time so this means you would lose valuable time you have paid for.

It is important to let the counsellor know as soon as possible if you are not able to keep your appointment as missed appointments with no prior notice are charged for.

Cancellation on the same day due to illness or last-minute ‘crisis’ or traffic hold-ups will be charged for at the discretion of the counsellor.



Appointments take place primarily at Prospect Road Woodford Green Essex IG8 7NQ. Approx a 15 Minute walk from Woodford Station Central Line Tube.

By car a 10 Minute drive from M11 and the North Circular road. Parking is available.



ON  07561 248314

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